Sanitary Sewer Condition Inspection Program QA/QC Services

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Sanitary Sewer Condition Inspection Program QA/QC Services


Sanitary Sewer

Project Description

The City of Boulder operates and maintains over 300 miles of sanitary sewer and over 7,000 sewer manholes. In 2015, the City of Boulder initiated an aggressive sanitary sewer inspections program. The program involves multi-year inspections to develop a comprehensive baseline CCTV-based condition record of the City’s sanitary sewer collection system. As part of the inspections program, the City desires high quality inspections be performed throughout the duration of the program. Maintaining consistent inspection quality is critical for accurate condition evaluations to be performed which ultimately result in repair and replacement projects being identified and prioritized with confidence and accuracy.

To provide the City with confidence that the cleaning, inspection, and field scoring of assets was performed in a consistent and quality manner by various GPS crews. Phase I involved a comprehensive, two leveled audit of pipeline and manhole inspection records, as well as priority asset identification. Under Audit Level No. 1, PIC obtained and determined the accuracy and completeness of the electronic databases compiled by GPS including correct header information as recorded in GraniteXP, completeness of the precleaning work performed, video records for clarity and completeness, general completeness of NASSCO PACP and MACP codes for each inspection record, and GIS reconciliation. Under Audit Level No. 2, PIC performed a final and detailed validation of PACP and MACP inspection codes as compared with the video and still image captures of critical observations. Phase II QA/QC services covered inspections performed by the three GPM operators that provided data on Phase I, as well as two new GPM operators that were added to the inspection program.