Southgate Master Plan

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Southgate Master Plan


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    Southgate Water & Sanitation District

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    Centennial, CO

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Project Description

The project involved the development of comprehensive master plans of both the water and wastewater enterprise system that is owned and operated by the SWSD. This master plan focused on the condition assessment of existing water and wastewater piping systems, population, water demand and wastewater flow projections for this district serving 58,000 customers. Elements of this project also included evaluating existing and future land use and development, hydraulic modeling, system limitations, and determining costs and schedule for a 20-year capital improvements plan.

Master planning efforts included updates to the District’s water and wastewater systems for existing and future build-out (including redevelopment), field inspection and assessments of high-priority sewer and water assets. Work also included the review of more than 3,500 CCTV inspection records, wastewater flow monitoring, internal inspections of selected water assets, and the development of a risk-based asset matrix of each system. This matrix was used to determine high risk assets based on likelihood and consequence scoring, remaining service life (RUL), prioritization of rehabilitation and replacement needs, prioritization of capacity improvements, strategic I/I reduction program and preventative maintenance program. From this analysis a short-term and long-term 20-year Capital Improvement Program was developed.

Specific project tasks included collecting and analyzing existing condition inspection records and wastewater flow data; completing a risked-based assessment of existing water and sewer infrastructure; accurately updating demand and flow projections through build-out; and developing a realistic CIP that maximizes asset life and minimized rate payer impacts.